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Welcome to the home of VioVoi Music Academy. We teach quality music to give you the most enriching learning experience.


Formal music education is a must for anyone looking to enjoy music in its entirety. Imagine being able to see the language of music in your mind while you listen to it?

To be able to decode its complexity and unravel it like a puzzle.. just for fun? This is what formal music education does for you.

Science proves that even a newborn child can discern between music and noise. This is why the quality of music we listen to and play have such a deep impact  on our minds and bodies. 


Knowing full well the cognitive, emotional, health, and physical benefits that music promotes within a person's life, we advocate for the need to ensure that music education is done right always.

We teach quality music.

Students and Alumni Success  stories


Over the past 8 years, a team of highly qualified and diligent music educators in western classical music under the guidance of acclaimed violinist and institute Director Mr. Arun Rozario, have created a beautiful nurturing space where music of global standard is taught at the VioVoi Music Academy. Here, the precious gift of musical knowledge is passed on to our students with conscience and reverence.

This music school is the realization of a dream to build a solid foundation for art music and western music in India for generations to come. Our work ethic is that of mutual respect and rests within the capable hands of our musically qualified teachers who come with years of experience as both seasoned performers and music educators.


Our Mission is to provide music education of the highest caliber in an atmosphere where qualities like passion, grit, respect and hard work are vehicles to success so that students may realize their full potential as performers, cross-cultural ambassadors and global citizens. We are proud to say that several of our students perform splendidly at International music examinations (Trinity, ABRSM and LCM), international competitions and going on to pursue subjects in music at their University level studies. 

More importantly we see first hand how formal music education positively impacts the quality of life of our students and gives them confidence that spills over into other facets of their life regularly.



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We are so proud to announce that Priyanjali has been accepted to study singing next year at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA), Netherlands.

Madhumita pic_edited.png



We are very proud to announce that Madhumita is a Winner (1st prize) in the senior category (14 - 18 yrs) at the May 2021 International Youth Music Competitions, Atlanta, USA.

Piano Classes:
*Only Solo classes provided
*Ages 4 years and above for children
*Classes for adults, beginners and
advanced levels

Violin Classes:
*Solo classes provided with ensemble training
*Ages 4 years and above for children
*Group classes for young violinists only
*Classes for adults, beginners and
advanced levels

Viola Classes:
*Solo classes provided with ensemble training
*Ages 6 years and above for children
*Group classes for young violinists only
*Classes for adults, beginners and advanced 

Guitar Classes:
*Only Solo classes provided
*Ages 8 years and above for children
*Classes for adults, beginners and
advanced levels 


Singing Classes:
*For ages 5yrs to 14yrs small group classes
*Solo classes or trios for 15yrs and above
*Voice training offered in Western Classical, Musical Theater or Contemporary vocals
*Classes for adults, beginners and advanced levels
*Masterclasses for professional singers 


Music Theory Classes:
*Group classes from beginner to advanced level
*Solo classes available on request


Music Exams & Audition Preparation:
*Students studying with us across all musical instruments, singing and
Music theory are prepared for international music exams for all grades and Diploma levels

*Students applying for University auditions undergo preparation on request
*Prepare for international music competitions on request


New to Online lessons? 
We're not! We've provided online lessons with 100% successful student outcomes for a while now.

All music lessons via suitable online platforms are meticulously drafted by teachers to address the learning needs of their students as they are taught music in a safe and learning friendly environment. We have embraced technology to give you a personalized classroom experience so that you learn just as much as you did in person. At your lessons, you can expect to learn how to play your instrument or sing with proper technique, learn how to read sheet music, develop your aural skills, get chances to collaborate with fellow students, prepare and enroll for an internationally recognized music exams & competitions or simply enjoy the experience of making music while productively engaging with music fundamentals.
*All our teachers are comfortable with online teaching and are equipped with the appropriate technology to conduct your lesson online with ease.

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