VioVoi Music Academy is proud to nurture talented young music students as they make waves in Music Competitions and the International Music Exams in 2016.  Not only is it a validation of their hard work and dedication, but a testament to the quality of music education upheld at our Institute.  


Nourhevilie Khate - ABRSM Violin Grade 8 Distinction


Winner David Meneses all India Violin Competition 2014

Winner Thumboochetty Violin Prize for Grade 6-8 2014

Winner Fewkes Memorial Trophy Best Candidate Grade 8



'Learning the violin under Arun Rozario has really helped me to discover those seemingly minute technical details to playing which in reality actually are not minute, but extrememly vital and key to becoming the best of what one can be. The good thing about a good instructor, like Arun Rozario, is that they not just guide you to be the best in your own tiny little world, but expose and shower you with opportunities to venture out and see what reality looks like which actually makes the education worth and whole.' - Nourhevilie


Aaditi Pradeep 

American Protege International Singing Competition 2nd place prize winner


Aaditi  won  2nd place at the  International  Vocal competition American Protege 2016 in the Classical Music category  below the age of 17yrs.  Read more  about her music journey here:

Yogita Suresh

 Winner of the National Level Singing Competition 'Outperformers 2014'

in the Classical Singing category






Gowri Lakshmikanth - 2nd place at TALENTO - The Talent Competition at the Cathedral High School, 2014






Sahana Ramprasad (Vocals) - Winner of the Talent Competition at Adarsh Palm Retreat 2014